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PEEK Virgin

PEEK Virgin is ultimate performance plastic, strongest plastic, highest temperature service

Polyether etherketone (PEEK) at this point is on top of thermoplastic pyramid, both in technology and price, special used in Oil & Gas Industry such as compressor valve plate and seatsdownload presentation, oil drill and pump bushing.

PEEK combines several major features of other thermoplastic into a single material.

1. Higher mechanical properties than PA6, POM, and other thermoplastic material for applications such as gears and seals.
● Tensile strength up to 97 MPa, higher than PA 6.0 (45 MPa) and POM (63 MPa)
● Very high E-modul up to 3660 MPa compared to PA 6.0’s 1000 MPa and POM’s 2600 MPA ensure high dimensional stability
● Very high resistance towards stress cracking and fatigue in wide range of temperature and frequency

2. Chemical Properties
In terms of chemical resistance, PEEK is at par with PVDF but with much higher continuous use temperature (PVDF 160°C, PEEK virgin 260°C. Possible applications : sensor connector in high temperature and extensive contact with chemical environment encapsulate a miniature sensor for deep drilling operation using PEEK

3. Thermal properties
Lower coefficient of linear expansion (0.4) compared to PA (0.8) and POM (1.2). This feature combined with high E-Modul result in PEEK higher dimensional stability compared to other thermoplastic, even at wider temperature range. An example of application is a turbine, where PEEK’s 260 °C continuous use temperature is put at a rigorous test.

4. Electrical properties
With volume resistivity ≤1016 Ωm and very high dielectric strength (19 kv/mm), equal to glass or ceramics, renders PEEK suitable for high voltage isolator. The same with dimensional stability, PEEK maintains its electrical properties at a wide range of temperature. PEEK can substitute glass or ceramic as isolator where high chemical and mechanical resistance are needed together with electrical properties.
Low dielectric magnetic field & dissipation factor render PEEK a very important material for cable housing, aviation radar and microwave, all of them use a very high frequency.

5. High resistance to α,β, and δ. Even UV exposure will only give PEEK a slightly yellow appearance,. Applications: nuclear reactor, outer space

6. High hydrolysis resistance, able to withstand sterilization process which is suitable for medical applications.

7. PEEK has molecular purity, dimensional stability and high chemical resistance, all are required in semiconductor industry which demands an extremely low particle contamination.

8. PEEK is a food-safe material, certified by FDA and EEC 90/129. Possible applications: pharmacy industry and food industry.



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