PVDF piping system

Today, de-ionized (Dl) water download presentationhas become an essential ingredient in hundreds of applications including : Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food Processing and Electronic Industries. Many industries are seeking ways to leave behind the currently-used troublesome materials.

Stainless steel imposed constant and increasing problems: rouging, pitting, corrosion, metallic-poisoning, aggravated compliance issues, costly and environmentally adverse cleaning protocols, and inadvertent fracture, plus costly biofilm issues. Stainless steel corrode over time as the minor ingredients are lost and as electrochemical potentials arise which promote the oxidation in even the “mildest” of chemical conditions, i.e. hot steam, and the resulting rust (”rouging”) contaminates and compromises the quality of the products being produced in such equipment.

PVDF piping system offering lower initial cost, less weight, complete resistance to corrosion, good thermal insulation, elimination of the passivation process, extremely smooth interior surface have increased their application, particularly in system such as purified water distribution loops and other critical processes.

PVDF is extremely pure polymer and contains in comparison with a lot of other plastics no stabilizers UV, thermo stabilizers, softener, lubricants or flame retardants additives. Its particular suitable for ultra pure water constructions and for the transport of clear chemical liquids in the semiconductor industry. Due to its chemical inertness, reaction against most media is nearly impossible. PVDF offers with its properties an ideal compromise in connection with a very easy processing and an advantageous to price performance ratio.

PVDF Application range

PVDF homopolymer is the strongest of the pipe lining thermoplastics, strong enough that it can be used as stand alone pipe.

PVDF are very pure materials for handling water and chemicals that have special purity requirement, PVDF can be repeatedly autoclaved and cleaned with 30 psi steam without changing physical properties
  • Food and beverage and dairies industry
requiring low extractable and FDA approved compounds For power plant construction and for different industries (e.g. petrochemical industry)
  • Chemical processing industry
General chemical processing for corrosive chemical and higher temperature application e.g. pulp and paper industry : in handling halogens and acids
  • Metal preparation and Mining
In the metals industry, a variety of acids are used to clean, treat/prepare or separate the final product. Strong acids like hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and chromic are all common to this industry. The concentrations of these chemicals can vary throughout the process, temperatures tend to be elevated, and mixture of acids are common.
  • Battery
PVDF are exceptionally pure and free of any additives or ionic impurities that can interfere with electrochemical reactions.
  • Life Science industry
Laboratories and research facilities
Dialysis laboratories
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
for handling high concentrations of sodium hydro chlorite and membrane filtering system, used in mechanical components, fabricated vessels, tanks, pumps, valves, heat exchanger, tower packing, piping system.
  • Microelectronic industry and semiconductor factories
requiring very low extractable values
Display factories (LCD,TFT,LED)
Solar cell production PV
Printed circuit board production (PCB)

PT. Sugison Senada provides a wide array of PVDF : piping system for industrial grade, piping system high purity grade, PVDF sheet, PVDF fabric backed sheet, PVDF round rods, to welding rods for our customers’ special needs.

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