PVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride

PVDF Polyvinylidenefluoride is the toughest polimer among fluorothermoplastics, due to resistances in harsh chemical and high temperature, combine with high mechanical strength, easy to work

Because of its extreem chemical resistances, main applications of PVDF are chemical parts, tanks, processing units with direct contact of strong chemical substances as well as anti corrosion lining for chemical tanks. PVC-U or PP are commonly known for chemical parts applications, but both materials have an upper temperature limitation, (60ºC for PVC-U and 100ºC for PP). PVDF is a solution combines excellent chemical resistances, high mechanical strength as well as high continuous operating temperature up to 140ºC.

In Indonesia industry, PVDF is often compared to PTFE, more widely known with Teflon® Dupont, for chemical applications. PTFE’s main advantage is its higher temperature properties than PVDF. However, PTFE’s dimensional stability is lower compared to PVDF. Therefore in high temperature environment up to 140°C, PVDF’s dimensional stability is four times better than PTFE. Although the price of PTFE is cheaper, which cost only half of the PVDF, but in terms of wear resistance, PVDF is more economical with the life which is more durable.

Another disadvantage of PTFE is difficulties in processing whereas bonding and joining PTFE is more difficult than PVDF. PTFE is difficult to welding since the material does not leave crust when heated. PVDF, in the other hand, is very easy to process. PVDF can be welded as easy as PVC-U or PP and the welding is more satisfactory and reliable than PTFE. PVDF adhesion bonding can be done with epoxide resin. Easier working process in PVDF makes PVDF is an easier material compared to PTFE as chemical tanks, chemical apparatus and anti corrosion lining. So, PVDF is the best choice for chemical application, concern to durability, efficiency and easy to process.

PVDF Application range

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    PVDF are very pure materials for handling water and chemicals that have special purity requirement, PVDF can be repeatedly autoclaved and cleaned with 30 psi steam without changing physical properties
  • Food and beverage and dairies industrydownload presentation
    requiring low extractable and FDA approved compounds
  • Ultra pure and pure water systems
    For power plant construction and for different industries (e.g. petrochemical industry)
  • Chemical processing industry
    General chemical processing for corrosive chemical and higher temperature application e.g. pulp and paper industry : in handling halogens and acids
  • Metal preparation and Mining
    In the metals industry, a variety of acids are used to clean, treat/prepare or separate the final product. Strong acids like hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric and chromic are all common to this industry. The concentrations of these chemicals can vary throughout the process, temperatures tend to be elevated, and mixture of acids are common.
  • Battery
    PVDF are exceptionally pure and free of any additives or ionic impurities that can interfere with electrochemical reactions.
  • Life Science industry
    Laboratories and research facilities
    Dialysis laboratories
  • Water and waste water treatment plantsdownload presentation
    for handling high concentrations of sodium hydro chlorite and membrane filtering system, used in mechanical components, fabricated vessels, tanks, pumps, valves, heat exchanger, tower packing, piping system.
  • Microelectronic industry and semiconductor factories
    requiring very low extractable values
    Display factories (LCD,TFT,LED)
    Solar cell production PV
    Printed circuit board production (PCB)
  • Biofuel
    Biofuel (bioethanol ; biodiesel) blends adversely effect to some material compatibility, but PVDF shows extreme resistance, minimum weight gain, high dimensional stability, and outstanding retention of physical properties

PT. Sugison Senada with full support from AGRU® Austria and GEHR® Germany provide a wide array of PVDF from sheet, fabric backed sheet, round rods, to welding rods for our customer's special needs.

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