pvc welding rods
FINEST QUALITY, ZERO POROSITY (voidless) plastic welding rod.
A plastic welding rod is a rod with circular or triangular cross-section, used to bind two pieces of plastic together. An important aspect of plastic welding rod design and manufacture is the porosity of the material. A high porosity will lead to air bubbles (known as voids) in the rods, which decrease the quality of the welding.

Air bubbles within the rod can form during the extrusion process. Sometimes welding rod like 'wood chips' are used to provide volume and make plastic cheaper. Consider what happens inside the weld, the molecules of the welding rod and the parent material want to connect to each other, however when a plastic molecule meets the filler molecule, they are not able to mix. A perfect bond is in this case not possible.

It is important to check the quality of the welding rod prior to use. We have the highest quality welding wire original from GEHR® with zero porosity, which are called voidless.


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