PVC Clear Sheet

PVC Clear is the most economical solution when chemical resistance along with full range of physical properties is needed. PVC Clear is easily machined, thermoformed, welded, and solvent cemented. PVC is weather resistant, maintains high impact strength, flame retardant (self extinguishing) has good electrical properties. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl is usually an amorphous thermoplastic material with excellent chemical resistance and dielectric properties, good tensile, flexural and mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, exceptional dimensional stability and good flammability characteristics. The maximum service temperature for PVC is 140°F (60°C). PVC‐U sheet GLAS – made from rigid PVC, low cost alternative to other transparent sheets.

Fabricators benefits :
Normal impact
Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
Easily to fabricate, welded and machined
Showcase quality surface
Double side protective masking.

Application :
In the design of engineering chemical processing and tank construction, light weight and transparent chemical tank cover, high impact sight flow indicator, windows for chemical storage, work stations.

PVC‐U sheet GLASS – resistance to hydrochloric acid 35 %, sulfuric acid 60 %, Nitric acid 70 %, Caustic soda, Ammonium water, Ethyl alcohol, Formalin, Bleaching solution, Electroplating liquid, Developing (fixing liquid for photography), sea water/ salt water, brewing water etc.

Size :
Rigid PVC Clear Sheet
2 mm x 122 cm x 244 cm
3 mm x 122 cm x 244 cm
5 mm x 122 cm x 244 cm
10 mm x 122 cm x 244 cm



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