PT. Sugison Senada provides PEEK match pieces that consumers want in a certain amount (cut to size)



PEEK Mod is the most resilient plastic material for specific applications in extreme environments of high temperature and corrosive such as bushings and gears on the oil gear pump.

PEEK-mod is PEEK™ reinforced with 10% PTFE, 10% graphite and 10% carbon fiber. These reinforcements give TRIBOLOGY effect: PTFE increase service use temperature and lower coefficient of friction, carbon fiber increase mechanical strength and graphite provides more wear resistant.
The results of these reinforcements are:

  • Significant increase in sliding properties. As a comparison, virgin PEEK has coefficient of friction 1.42 while PEEK-mod 0.11, almost at par with PTFE or ® with 0.1 coefficient of friction.
  • Significant increase in wear resistance.
  • Increase in stress, tension, and flexural strength.
  • Lower coefficient of linear thermal expansion. PEEK-mod’s properties, such as high mechanical strength, low friction, high wear resistance and high dimensional stability make PEEK–mod as an ideal material for bushing applications.

PEEK by its ultimate properties is highly recommended for application that other engineering thermoplastics such as POM, PA 6.0 or PE-UHMW cannot perform. While PEEK-mod also used in special application such as bushing in harsh and higher temperature environment.


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