PolyEther-EtherKetone, PEEK™ Rod & Sheet

Dear Customers,

Gladly we announce that since last 01 November 2016 we have launched PEEK Smaller Size a new sales program of our Engineering Dept.

Categorized as HPM (High Performance Material), PEEK is a highly valuable thermoplastic material which has specific application in oil & gas industry, mining, and petro chemical due to to its ability serving in extreme condition.

High price and large variants of rod diameter and plate thickness, in fact is a hard challenge for us to implement this PEEK Smaller Size program. But thanks to full support from our German principal GEHR GmbH and ENSINGER GmbH, we are able to stock and supply PEEK in certain smaller sizes for efficiency and effectiveness calculation of certain projects.

For sizes details please see and download below the complete table of PEEK Smaller Size.

For further information just call directly our Marketing team :

Yulistia (0855-1888056 ; email yulis@sugison.com)
Srie (0855-1888070 ; e-mail margaretha@sugison.com)
Erwin (0815-10106444 ; email erwin.solihin@sugison.com)

Thank You.


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