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PolycarbonatePolycarbonate shows a high rigidity and an extreme impact strength, unnotched polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, making it extremely safe in areas where parts may be exposed to impact. Polycarbonate sheet is as clear as glass and 200 times stronger. It's also 30 times stronger than Acrylic sheet - offering a margin of safety that no other clear glazing material can beat. Polycarbonate are widely applied in a crowded public area, high winds affected area, as a glass windows or partition due to impact resistant/ unbreakable.

Polycarbonate is light weight, the unique combination of light weight (half of glass) and high strength allows designs that require less structural support. Policarbonate sheet is extremely ductile but it can be cut on site from flat sheet or cold formed into curves that would be impossible to construct with laminated glass or acrylic. Polycarbonate sheet glazing virtually unbreakable and can provide heat insulation making them ideal for roof glazing.

Polycarbonate displaying excellent clarity, polycarbonate has a light tranmission ranging from 82 to 90% depending on the thickness. Polycarbonate has UV protected to give excellent durability to outdoor weathering and to resist the degrading effects of direct sunlight and other harmful UV sources.

Polycarbonate is excellent for electrical applications, because of its excellent insulation properties, high dielectric strength and high volume resistivity. Polycarbonate is highly suitable for use in parts of electrical equipments, electrical housing, switchboards, where insulation, shock resistance, high temperature and transparency is needed. Light weight, impact and shatter resistant qualities make it perfect.

High heat environments resistance, polycarbonate can be used in applications when temperature is critical. Polycarbonate has a high glass transition temperature and temperature resistance approx + 130°C. Lighting systems with halogen lamps generating high heat require parts such as housings, reflectors, and lenses that withstand high temperatures. The use of high temperature resistance materials allows greater design flexibility and weight saving by replacing traditional material like glass or metal.



Safety barriers
Machine guards
Machine enclosure


Noise control enclosures
Switch panel graphic film
Scientific instrumentation
Automobile windows


Bus shelters
Sports stadiums
Vandal protection


Precision engineering components
Insulating parts for electrical engineering
Level indicators


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