PVDF and ECTFE is the best in fluoro-thermoplastic for lining due to outstanding chemical resistance, combine with especially low permeability, easy and economical fabrication, widely use in the chemical, semiconductor, and energy-power industries.

To protect pipes or tanks and provide the longest possible service life between change outs, it is important to select the lining material that will endure exposure to aggressive chemicals for years to come.

PVDF and ECTFE are thermoplastic fluorocarbons, which as a result of their outstanding price to performance ratio, are becoming increasingly important in system and apparatus construction. Their excellent welding capability and thermoplastic formability make possible simple and cost-saving processing, both on-site and in the workshop.

AGRU PVDF and ECTFE fabric backed rolled is an outstanding alternative to the conventional fuoropolymers such PTFE. In the processing sector, significant rationalization effect can be achieved due to increased flexibility, especially for systems glued on steel, but also for tight space conditions or small radii for the FRP reinforcement.

Application examples:

  • Lining of reactors and tanks
  • Containers for chemicals
  • Cellulose and paper industries
  • Chlorine electrolysis

PVDF and ECTFE have been used as lining material. The lifetime limits of lining material determined by diffusion and permeation rate. ECTFE is distinguished from other materials by its barrier properties. The permeation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, chloric gas or hydrochloric acid is 10 to 100- times better compared to e.g. PTFE or FEP. Using PVDF and ECTFE lining material will save time and cost fabrication than metal-PTFE lining system.


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