ECTFE piping system

Piping system for the transport of highly aggressive chemicals and ultra high purity media, ECTFE provides excellent chemical resistance and high mechanical strength even at high temperatures. These characteristics enable the use of ECTFE as a cost effective solution for many applications with ultra pure media.

Advantages of the ECTFE piping system :

ECTFE shows a remarkable hardiness and excellent chemical resistance to most organic and in organic chemicals (pH value 0 to 14, max 140 ℃) as well as solvents (max. 120 ℃)

ECTFE is distinguished from other materials by its barrier properties. The permeation of oxygen, carbon dioxide, chloric gas or hydrochloric acid is 10 to 100-times better compared to e.g. PTFE or FEP. ECTFE in comparison to PFA : cost efficient in material and installation; smoother surface; higher permeation resistance; and lower heat expansion. ECTFE Application range ECTFE is primarily used in the chemical, semiconductor, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries for the following application areas :
  • Supply system for chemicals
  • Process equipment and distribution piping systems
  • Hot ultra-pure water systems
  • Double containment piping systems
  • H2SO4 injection piping for sewage treatment plants
  • Ventilation piping for aggressive media and high purity media
  • Lining as corrosion protection for steel, FRP and concrete tanks

Outstanding features

  • Stable and highly resistant to crack growth
  • Ultra pure and flame resistant (FM 4910 tested raw material; UL94-VO)
  • Physiological non toxic application
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Resistant to UV and gamma radiation
  • Resistant to diffusion and permeation

PT. Sugison Senada provides a wide array of ECTFE : piping system for industrial grade, piping system high purity grade, ECTFE sheet, ECTFE fabric backed sheet, ECTFE round rods, to welding rods for our customers special needs.


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