ECTFE, Ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene

ECTFE or E-CTFE (ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene) is the best variant in Fluor thermoplastic family by its highest chemical resistance concerning its mechanical properties in high temperature - easy to work.

Due to the fact that ECTFE is very pure, this material is being used to process chemicals and ultrapure water for the semiconductor industry, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. It is also used as an electrical insulator, and many integrated circuit applications.

ECTFE shows a higher tensile strength, pressure resistance, and resistant to wear than the related PTFE (by the Indonesian known with Teflon). ECTFE also have lower heat expansion than PTFE. ECTFE has much higher dimensional stability than PTFE. Due to this ECTFE is often applied to surfaces that need a durable low-friction lining, such as low speed bearings, valve seats, cams and similar machine parts which PTFE not reliable.

E-CTFE has chemical resistance similar to PTFE, but has better mechanical properties. In chemical applications with consideration of abrasion resistant, durability, and ease of processing, create the application of ECTFE broader than PTFE, even than PVDF.

With extremely low degree of permeation (the permeation resistance to oxygen, carbon dioxide, chlorine gas and hydrochloride acid is 10 to 100 times better than PTFE) make ECTFE ideal for many industrial coating and lining, including chemical storage and transport.

ECTFE is being used in applications similar to those with PVDF where higher temperatures or concentrations make PVDF marginal (e.g.: H2SO4 98 % for process production accu battery). ECTFE present higher chemical properties and application than PVDF. ECTFE is principally known for its high corrosion and impact resistance and is thus often used to line pipework, particularly in special industrial chemical applications, to handle chlorine, caustic, hypochlorite, and sulfuric acid.

When a combination of chemical, temperature, abrasion and permeation resistance is required, ECTFE is often a cost-effective solution to severe corrosion problems. So, ECTFE is the ultimate choice for chemical application that need highest special requirement.

ECTFE Application range :

ECTFE shows a remarkable hardiness and excellent chemical resistance to most organic and in organic chemicals (pH value 0 to 14, max 140℃) as well as solvents (max. 120℃)


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