PP Polypropylene


PP Polypropylene is the older brother of PVC-U by its higher service temperature up to 100°C.

Polypropylene PP is chemical resistance is often compared to PVC-U which also has good chemical resistance. The main advantage of PP plastic Polypropylene material over PVC-U is its higher continuous use/service temperature, up to 100°C whereas PVC-U can only be used up to 60°C. Several chemical substances, such as acetic acid and chlorobenzena, also favor the use of PP since PVC-U is not resistant towards such substances.

In order to overcome PVC-U shortcomings in thermal properties, PVC-C (chlorinated PVC) with continuous use temperature up to 85°C is a widely known alternative. However, the increase in temperature range is very dependent upon post-chlorination process and raw material purity used in production process. If those two factors are not met, then the thermal properties of PVC-C will drop and will not reach 85°C in continuous use temperature. A better alternative is to use PP Polypropylene material that can be used until 100°C.

With specific gravity of PP 0.91 gr/cm3, far lower than PVC-C at 1.55 gr/cm3, PP Polypropylene is lighter which cause its price per kg lower than PVC-C. Chemical resistances coupled with PP Polypropylene plastic material lightweight deliver economic price and efficiency for chemical industries.

application : Chemical tank, pumps, valve, gaskets, pickling tanks, anodizing bath/tank, passivation tank, degreasing bath/tank, electroplating tanks, etching bath/tank, galvanizing tank, spacer for the plating, plating barrels, fume exhaust scrubbers and components, chambers and tanks for parts washer systems, storage and circulation tanks for corrosive solutions, coating tanks, supporting stands for coating industry, acid process tank, dosing tank, many other applications for corrosive resistant equipment.

We provide a complete set of PP Polypropylene in Rods FDA food grade certificate (supplied from GEHR® Germany and AGRU® Austria), PP-H sheets and fabric backed sheet (supplied from AGRU® Austria), welding rods, profile, and also hexagonal rods to ensure our customers can freely design and produce applications from PP Polypropylene plastic.

The advantages of PP Polypropylene sheet, we supply from AGRU is the size of large dimension 3000 x 1500 mm which allows more optimal and efficient for fabrication.


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