POM, Polyoxymethylene

POM Polyoxymethylene is the best technical-economical choice for mechanical engineering: Combining low coefficient of friction, high abrasion resistance and hardness, suitable for high precision applications by acceptable price

POM Polyoxymethylene material or polyacetal is often used as metal substitutes in several applications. In matters of energy saving, POM requires less energy to process and operating than metal. POM Polyoxymethylene main characteristics are light weight, low coefficient of friction, wear resistant and high surface hardness. POM Polyoxymethylene is also resistant towards alkalis, gasoline, alcohol, and lubricants.

In mechanical engineering design, many Indonesian engineers have used standard engineering plastic Polyamide (PA 6.0 known as Nylon® product of Dupont). But PA 6.0 have a big disadvantage by its properties of high water absorption up to 9.0 %, makes dimensional instability and especially degrade the mechanical strength where used in country with high humidity like Indonesia. In contrary with PA 6.0, POM has low water absorption 0.2 %, to present much better mechanical strength than PA 6.0.

POM is more reliable than PA 6.0 for standard mechanical precision engineering. Nowadays in Indonesia, POM is known as PA 6.0 substitutedownload presentation for application that demanding high precision and excellent dimensional stability for engineering applications.

Only high quality POM Polyoxymethylene from Europe does not have microporosity (pores in material structure) which can degrade material during continuous stress resulting in stress crack. Stress cracks will degrade mechanical strength, e.g. elasticity and tensile strength, and may result in material’s failure. POM Polyoxymethylene has a low molecular stress level, so POM Polyoxymethylene material is ideally suited for close tolerance mechanical parts and electrical insulators which require strength and stiffness. It also offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals including many solvents.

PT. Sugison Senada provide POM Polyoxymethylene in solid round rod and sheet for our consumers’ special needs.



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