Sunloid PC ( Policarbonate) Graphic Sheet and Film

Sunloid PC ( Policarbonate) graphic sheet and film is the finest material for various kinds of name plate for electrical and electronics equipment, as well as for insulation for electrical applications of other machinery.

These materials are characterized by outstanding optical clarity and mechanical strength, consistent printability and ease of processing.
Polycarbonate films may be an excellent candidate for screen or offset printing and they offer unlimited possibilities to achieve a variety of graphic effects and intricate designs. They offer excellent ink adhesion without pre-treatment and consistently enhance colors, with no loss of depth or vividness.

High Quality Characteristic :

  • Excellent printability
  • Finely processed surface of PC graphic sheet and film achieves easy and precision printing
  • Good resistance against high heat and low temperature
  • Good insulation
  • Outstanding dimensional stability

    • Various type of surface finish :
      - both side polish with PE masking
      - one side matte and the other polish without PE masking
      - one side matte and the other velvet without PE masking

      Excellent printing surface with true ink color fidelity and optics. Particularly effective for LED/ LCD windows. Provides primary substrate finish for screener-applied selective textures.
      Light diffuser. Hides filaments and eliminates ‘hot spots’ in back-lit applications. The preferred finish for ‘dead front’ graphics. Offers reduced surface reflection and gloss.
      Hides scratches, fingerprints and marring for heavy-use applications. Also acts as diffuser for “windowed” or back-lit applications.

      Thickness :
      0, 1 ; 0, 18; 0, 2 ; 0, 25 ; 0, 3 ; 0, 38; 0, 4 ; 0, 5 mm

      Application :

      • Typically used for membrane switch overlays
      • Automotive dials, audio/video remote control fascias
      • Labels for industrial equipment
      • Control panels for HV/AC equipment and digital media applications.

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