PS Patterned SheetIt is clear, transparent, rigid PS (polystyrene) plastic sheeting with textured surface pattern on one side. Available in 4 options of exciting texture patterns for various functions and decorative tastes in building interior application.

The usage of pure materials means that mica is the best safe solution to replace heavy, fragile ordinary silica glass material that is vulnerable to breaking. Mica is also the economic solution for replacing PMMA (acrylic) material without compromising clarity.
For example, PS mica is very suitable for replacing glass in sliding and folding doors, wherein the total weight of the door pane is much lighter, thus extending the life of the door’s wheel and rails.

Just like any other thermoplastic material, PS Mica is very easy to work on by cutting, folding, gluing, embossing or screen printing. PS Mica is also resistant to humidity and salt water.

We absolutely recommend PS Mica as exciting challenge to interior designers for both classic and modern offices, toilets, kitchen set, homes, hotel, restaurants, hospitals, and houses of worship.


Application Samples:

Texture Patterns:

  • 2.8 mm thickness; size 1220 x 2440 mm.
    • Honeycomb.
    • Snow/ice crystal.
  • 4.5 mm thickness; size 1000 x 2000 mm.
    • Sandblast.
    • Waterdrops.
Material Data:
Product name : PS Mica
Material : rigid extruded-embossed PS
Colour : Clear/Transparent
Usage : indoor
Sheet protection : PE masking film on flat side
Max use temperature : 60°C

For Joining this material use POLYACRYL adhesive


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