POLYCARBONATE (PC) Corrugated / Double Wall Sheet

Product description:

PolycarbonatePolycarbonate Corrugated Sheet with transparent, lightweight, weatherproof and temperature-change proof characteristics, and most of all shockproof, polycarbonate is the ideal plastic material for glass replacement (safety & security glazing) with a very wide scope of application in industrial and other fields. Examples: riot police shields, room partition for high-temperature production rooms in factories, etc.

In buildings, polycarbonate started to be used in Indonesia since the early 90’s, i.e. as roofing material that requires natural lighting from the sun. Therefore, it is standard practice for all manufacturers of polycarbonate roofing material to add anti UV layer on one or both sides of the Polycarbonate (PC) sheet. Even in European premium products, the anti UV component is directly mixed in the extrusion machine during production so that it is integrated into the Polycarbonate (PC) material. This production system extends the life of Polycarbonate (PC) roofing compared to the layering system, which would be easier to fall out/peel or get scratched.

The anti UV Polycarbonate (PC) Corrugated Sheet layer extends the scope of application, so that it is not just for residential building or public building, but also for agriculture, i.e. for making greenhouses for raising plants.

Apart from the (corrugated), single sheet, the most popular form of Polycarbonate (PC) roofing is double wall Polycarbonate (PC) sheet, which is double sheeting partitioned with spacing, also called twin wall Polycarbonate (PC) or, hollow PC.

Polycarbonate (PC) Corrugated Sheet for the double wall type, we need to consider the thickness of the walls sandwiching the hollow. PC Corrugated Sheet in general, European production has thicker walls, so that roofing sheets are stronger and tougher for various applications.


Main Features:

    Double wall Polycarbonate (PC) roofing has the following advantages:
  • Lightweight (85% lighter than silica glass).
  • Transparent material with various colour choices.
  • Unbreakable unless very strongly shocked (250x stronger than silica glass and 20x stronger than acrylic).
  • Waterproof, outdoor weatherproof and temperature change proof (-40o s/d 120o C).
  • UV ray proof and chemical proof.
  • Very good for heat and electricity isolator material.
  • Easy to work on, to transport and to store (can be rolled).
  • Easily curved according to the desired roofing design.
  • Easily cleaned with ordinary soap water.
  • Slow burn, does not cause flames.
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable.


Fields of Application:


Work Guideline:

Double wall PC sheets are easily cut using cutters or saws, drilled, and using screws or bolts for installation of canopies.
If the roof frame is curved, double wall PC sheets can be curved to match the wall hollows.

    Accessories required to install double wall PC roofing :
  • Screws/bolts/rivets :
    Binds PC sheet to roof frame. Roof frame is usually made of hollow iron or stainless steel with pipe-shaped or rectangular profile.
  • H-shaped profile :
    The connector profile between double wall PC sheets. The position of the connector profile is adjusted in such a way so that it fits exactly on the roof frame.
  • U-shaped profile :
    Functions as edge covering of double wall PC sheets. This profile must be installed to prevent the entry of rainwater and rubbish into the hollows of double wall PC, which would generate the growth of organisms such as fungi that would damage both the PC sheets and the aesthetics of the building.
  • H- profile connection rubber cover :
    Some types of H profile may be outfitted with covering rubber to prevent water coming in through bolt/screw hole.
  • Sealant :
    As alternative cover for bolt hole.


Stock Data:

Standard sizes of double wall PC sheets marketed in Indonesia :

Dimension (pxl) : 2,1 x 11,8 meter
Thickness : 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm
Brands : TwinLite, Regalon, Skylite, Twinwall, Solarlite, Starlite, X-lite, etc.
Price : Varies. Thickness of 4 to 6 mm is priced between Rp 1.0 – 2.5 million.

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