The following are samples of the usage of our plastic products in building architecture and decoration. Our top materials, such as KOMACEL and PS Mica have more than 1 single function. They are multi-functional, and can be even applied for making a yacht!



In the kitchen and bathroom area, KOMACEL and PS Mica or a combination of both is the best choice for making waterproof and termite proof furniture or other equipments.



For ceiling components in either ordinary rooms or industrial workrooms that require soundproof, waterproof, chemical-proof and/or food-safe characteristics, KOMACEL is your solution. For lighting cover in artificial and natural lighting (sky-lights), PS Mica is also available that would add to the aesthetic value of the room’s interior.



The harsh tropical sunlight can damage the health of living beings as well as break down the molecular structure of a material. Therefore, we need products that can really stop or filter the bad influence of UV (Ultra-Violet) rays. KOMACEL and PC Materials are your best choice for outdoor use.



We need elegant, easily maintained, yet also safe and hygienic materials for use in room interior. KOMACEL, PS Mica and PC answer this challenge. For ship owners and builders, KOMACEL will answer the need to make 100% waterproof, lightweight, insect-proof, clean and bright ship interior that would show off the class and elegance of the ship.


Door & Window

Door and window frames and panes can be created quickly and easily using KOMACEL. For door and window glazing, the use of PS Mica will add to the beauty and ambience of the light that enters the room through it. Also, the weight being borne by the frames will be much lighter, thus making the use of hinges more efficient.



Shockproof and UV absorbent PC Materials is the main choice for use in roofing, both for housing or for other public buildings. The flexibility of the PC will convenience any designer in realising his/her design for various roofing or canopy models.

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