Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic Mirror

The Acrylic Mirror is a mirror manufactured from acrylic sheets. This mirror is available in silver, gold, and various other exquisite colors.
The Acrylic Mirror is crack-proof and with a weight less than mirrors manufactured from ordinary silica. It is also flexible and may also be bended or molded according to any desired form. From a safety point of view, the application of  the Acrylic Mirror is for the protective support of fragile mirrors prone to falling. For example, mirrors in public areas or display objects in the reach of children.
From an aesthetic stand point, the perfection of colors applicable by the flat surface of the Acrylic Mirror results in an elegant reflection effect of shadow and light for letters, advertisements and interior decorations.
Application examples:

  • Mirrors in break and fall-prone areas: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, fitness centers.
  • Interior decorations in stores, malls, cafes , stages, exhibition rooms, discotheques, hotel lobbies, ballrooms, bars, counters, department store counters.
  • Interior mirrors of automobiles and other vehicles.
  • Indoor displays: signage, decorative letters, eyeglasses display shelves, jewelry and cosmetic boxes.
  • Wall and plafond coating, observation mirrors, etc.

Material Data

Product name    : Acrylic Mirror
Material     : PMMA - mirror coated surface
Application     : indoor
Width     : 2.0 mm
Sheet size      : 1220 x 1830 mm
Sheet protection  : PE masking film on mirror side
Fire rating   : B2 (DIN 4102)
Max use temperature     : 50°C


  • The Acrylic Mirror is for indoor usage only, and also not to be applied onto any wet or moist and humid areas, such as saunas, etc.
  • Avoid any process of folding and forming through heat, and it is advised that it may only be formed with cold folding to one side.
  • When attaching the mirror to walls/plafonds, or other materials, the best method is to use acrylated-based double-sided adhesives. The uses of solvent-based adhesives/glue may ruin the acrylic sheet and even the mirror’s surface.


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