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Komacel is solid sheeting PVC substitute for wood / plywood / multiplex with a main physical characteristic of hard, yet smooth and flat glossy white surface. It is available at thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 30 mm, with length and width dimensions similar to plywood. It is lightweight, but it has good flexural strength, it is waterproof, it will not rot and it is very easy to work on. All this makes Komacel the main alternative product to sheet wood.

Directly produced in the municipality of Pirmasens, Germany, using extrusion machines with foam process, it contains no toxic materials such as asbestos, formalin, lead or cadmium, which are generally used as catalyst/additive in foam sheet production processes in Asiatic countries.
Therefore, Komacel will not cause any health problems in living beings or the environment, whether during the production process, throughout the application, or when recycling.

Komacel is mainly directed for application in potentially humid/wet condition, whether by ordinary water or sea water, for outdoor applications, or for extreme conditions such as in laboratories with hard chemical liquids and fumes, or for sterile rooms that require germ-free, fungi-free, and insect-free condition.

Main Features

  • Lightweight, floating in water.
  • Strong and rigid, unbreakable, solid shockproof surface, stands light scratches.
  • Waterproof, temperature change-proof, weatherproof.
  • Sunlight proof and UV-proof with 10 years warranty local indonesia
  • Chemical-proof.
  • Slow burning fire proof certificate UL 94 V-0, does not cause flames or residual melts.
  • Anti bacterial, termite-proof and proof against all other insects.
  • Non-rotting and non-rusting.
  • Reduces noise and heat.
  • Easy to work on, to carry and to store.
  • Can be nailed and screwed on without slipping.
  • Can be sawn, drilled, shaved and sandpapered ordinarily.
  • Can be shaped using heat.
  • Can be strongly stuck using PVC glue and PVC welding.
  • Ideal for screen, printing and foiling work.
  • Surface easily cleaned using ordinary washcloth and detergent.
  • Smooth flat surface, very good for paint finish without using putty.
  • Toxic free and metal free, safe for food industry.
  • Environmentally friendly, recycleable.

Apart from the inherent beauty of its luxurious and exclusive form, all of the above advantages make Komacel a new, trendy material that is efficient whether in time frame of working, finishing cost, and mostly of durability.

In the scope of the global world, Komacel definitely helps to preserve nature by minimising the cutting down of production wood forest.

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For Joining this material use KORAFIT adhesive

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