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PVC-U, Polyvinyl Chloride


PVC-U Polyvinyl chloride is the most popular standard engineering plastic for chemical application.

Because their food safe characteristic, PVC-U GEHR and PVC-U sheet Komadur® are excellent candidates to substitute stainless steel applications in food and beverage industries. Until now, stainless steel are used due to its non-corrosive characteristic and resistance towards micro-organism, thus providing safety and hygiene required by food and beverage industries.

It is widely accepted fact that metal processing is harder and take longer time compared to thermoplastic processing. This also applies to stainless steel. To be able to achieve efficiency in material cost, time, and energy, substituting stainless steel with PVC-U is a step worth considering as far as the applications do not require structural strength or high working temperature (maximum 60°C). PVC-U rods and profiles from GEHR and PVC-U sheets Komadur® from KÖMMERLING deliver optimal efficiency for food and beverage industries. Find out about the comparison between PVC-U and stainless steel presentation

The main feature of PVC-U GEHR and PVC-U sheet Komadur®, aside from their chemical resistances, is both of them are food safe, which means they can be processed into applications with direct contact with food substances, according to National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) standard. This feature contradicts with common conception that PVC-U is a toxic material. PVC-U that produced with cheap raw materials (tipically produced in China) commonly use additives such hazardous substances, so that such material cannot be used as a substitute for food grade stainless steel.

PVC-U GEHR dan PVC-U sheet Komadur® are manufactured without using toxic substances as additives; such as dioxin, phthalates, lead, barium and cadmium. Therefore, the common assumption that PVC-U cannot be used for food and beverage industries does not apply to PVC-U GEHR and PVC-U sheet Komadur. A certification has been given by NSF/ANSI for PVC-U GEHR (Standard 51) and ISEGA for PVC-U sheet Komadur® for food safe materials .

Chemical Applications :

Chemical tanks, anti corrosion parts, bleaching tanks, centrifugal separator, exhaust ducts, fume ducting, scrubber, hidrocloric acid tank liners (good resistance even in high concentration 35 %), pumps and valve body, reaction tanks, electroplating tanks, sulphuric acid tanks (good resistance even in high concentration 96% ) , suction apparatus, sinks, agitator etc.

Electrical applications:

Due to its characteristic as electrical isolator, PVC-U withstand electrical voltage (dielectric strength) up to ≤ 23 kV, PVC-U profile GEHR and sheet Komadur® are very suitable for parts and panels in high voltage electrical isolators.

Komadur PVC-U Sheet is exceedingly easy to work

We provide a wide array of PVC-U in rods, sheets, high quality welding rodsdownload presentation, profiles, up to hexagonal rods to ensure our customers can freely design and produce chemical tanks, applications for food and beverages as well as electrical applications. we also provide high quality PVC clear sheetdownload presentation with excellent transparency. For PVC-U adhesive, we provide Körafit®download presentation from KÖMMERLING, Germany, a strong adhesive specially produced for PVC-U.

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